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27/12/09 Wiwik Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Great JOB !
My unlock code receive within 1 hour.
Thanks, it is work !!!

26/12/09 Chirag Unlocking T-Mobile G1

You guys are simply awesome. Got my code within 10 hors may be cause I submit it on christmas night but ur unlock code email wake me up n hooray code accepted. My bro back in india will be so mad when he'll get this G1. Thank u guys.

26/12/09 Aaron reese Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Is I Just Got My G1 Unlocked And It's Christmas!!! Merry Christnas!!!

24/12/09 Sriniketh Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Really cool,got the code in 10 mis.Thank you

23/12/09 Thomas henley Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Brilliant! Waited at the most, 2-3 hours, unlock code worked perfectly, first time :) Wonderfull, thank you so much :)

23/12/09 Debbie Unlocking HTC Magic

My code took about 11 hours to deliver but who cares as long it works perfectly? Good and reliable company =]

23/12/09 Tom Fahy Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Absolutely superb, wasted two days with other idiot online unlockers, who couldn't find code, not in database etc. Got code here in 5 minutes perfect.

20/12/09 Lornel mack Unlocking T-Mobile G1


20/12/09 Fordyce Unlocking T-Mobile G1


20/12/09 Paul Unlocking T-Mobile G1

This product works great!!! and nothing works good for me!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks guys!!

19/12/09 Russell Unlocking T-Mobile G1

This is the way to go if you do not currently have a T-Mobile account. I bought the G1 intending to use it with my AT&T service. I submitted my order and the next morning I had my unlock code. With the code, it was only minutes before I was up and running on AT&T's network. This really worked out great.

18/12/09 Leonard wood Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Awesome service, had my code in 4 hours, worked the first time and zooming right along on AT&T.

17/12/09 Cameron Unlocking T-Mobile G1

This site really works.. They had my code ready in about 2hours. My G1 is fully unlocked and now using it for at&t.. Thanks for the unlock code.. kudozz

16/12/09 Lucy thornton Unlocking T-Mobile G1

After asking T-Mobile to unlock my G1 and being told it would cost £14.58 and take 1 *month* to receive my unlocking code by letter I was extremely unimpressed. My partner found this website and I thought I'd give it a try. I received my unlocking code within 2 hours for the sum of £15.00 - it has unlocked my phone and I can now use my '3' sim in it - very impressed! Thank you.

16/12/09 Bruce brown Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I had gone to my local mobile phone store and they told me that I could unlock my phone to use my AT&T sim, but that I would only get voice access. Wrong! Using the directions provided by this website I unlocked my G1 and am using my AT&T sim and have data, sms, mms, voice, internet, and Android market access. It works perfectly. Thank you.

15/12/09 Nacho monsalve Unlocking HTC Dream

Really good website, I just input the code and done

12/12/09 Miss chinonso Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I unlocked my google phone alright, but im having problems with my sim cards, but all the better thanks! It worked fine.

12/12/09 Krishnal ciccolella Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It was extremely easy. Just enter the correct information, pay via pay pal, and wait for the response.
Then enter the unlock code into the g1 and boom, there ya go! :D

11/12/09 Juanma Unlocking HTC Dream

Just two hours until I got my code, followed the instructions, and everyting ok

10/12/09 M. prymek Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Worked like a charm!

09/12/09 Daniel Unlocking T-Mobile G1

THIS WORKS GREAT! EVEN though you can call t-mobile and get this for free, i did not feel like waiting on the phone with them so i just paid 20 bucks and it works great.

09/12/09 Santiago Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Great service, blazing fast, great support!!!

09/12/09 Andy blackburn Unlocking T-Mobile G1

To be honest, I was dubious about this site. But I wanted to get the G1 I had just bought off ebay unlocked, and had the 15 quid spare to test. My main concern was the thought of bricking the phone I had only just bought. However, my code arrived in 25 minutes, worked first time and is now unlocked to all networks (a Spanish SIM and a UK Vodafone SIM have both been tested).

Many thanks :)

09/12/09 Matthew Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Great service! I really was skeptical of it at first but low and behold less then 12 hours after i requested my unlock code it was there. Truly expert work.

07/12/09 Brian pedersen Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Hey guys, Thanks alot for the code. It worked perfect the first time a tried it. You guys are the best!!! Thanks again, Brian P.

07/12/09 John mckenzie Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I was quite scared when submitting my order as it was £15 on a site I had never heard of but within 30 minutes i had my code an dmy G1 is now 100% unlocked. Best £15 I've spent in years!

04/12/09 Brittney Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Very thankful fo this site.. i had my cod in less than an hour and everything went thru smoothly!! I love that i can now use my G1 with the att network and didnt have to fork over ny more money than needed!! And that the market still works and i have all my apps.. Thanks So Much!!

01/12/09 Mitzi Unlocking T-Mobile G1

When I started searching on line for an unlock code for my G1, I purchased from a company that promised immediate code around 2:30pm central time yesterday. Needless to say their software would not accept US PayPal payment and instructed me to email them the transaction code and IMEI, it is now 12:33pm central time and I still have not heard from them. Found your site in a forum and your turn around time was only 2-2.5 hours after my submission, excellent service. Will recommend to everyone I can. Thank you so much for an excellent service.

01/12/09 Nicholas Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Ordered at 10:22pm (Central Time) and received code at 3:36am. Code worked flawlessly on the first try! All my unlock codes will be purchased here from now on!

30/11/09 Joshua gutierrez Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It took 2 hours.. works wonderfully! T-Mobile gave me an ETA of 14 days.. $20 or 14 days... easy choice yes? THANK YOU!!!

30/11/09 Taras Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Спасибо за оперативность! Код работает!

30/11/09 Colin gidzinski Unlocking T-Mobile G1

WOW FAST!!! At First i choose another company to unlock my phone and it took them 2 days and they couldn't do it and then www.unlock-tmobileg1.com Does it in like 1 hour!!! AMAZING Worth Every Penny =D Super Easy To Do Too!

29/11/09 Eduardo caramazana Unlocking HTC Magic

Great!good job, it works!

28/11/09 Ajichomba Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Phone is unlocked now...Very fast service....Highly recommended! :0)

28/11/09 Firat Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Yep, it worked :) Thank you! But don't you think it's a little expensive ?

25/11/09 Felix guillen Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I unlocked my friends G1 quick and super easy thanks!!!!!

25/11/09 Keith hampton Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I was kind of skeptical at first but I received my unlock code in less then 6 hours and it worked. Ill be returning soon to purchase more unlock code

24/11/09 John Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Code worked great..took like 12 hours to get the code though
i was hoping it would've been quicker but nonetheless it still worked

24/11/09 Lizeth Unlocking T-Mobile G1

OMG!! I didn't believe and it worked great !!

22/11/09 Courtney Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I simply put the unlock code in my phone and it was unlocked thx

19/11/09 James morgan Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It was complicated at first but the video helped get it right! =] Got what i wanted so im great!

19/11/09 Aamir sajwani Unlocking HTC Dream

WOW! thats call service. thanks for all your help!

18/11/09 Vincent hampton Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Outstanding!! I got my code in 30 mins, unlock procedure was quick and simple! This is the way to go if you want your phone unlocked!

16/11/09 Aaron pearce Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Was a bit scared it wouldn't work, but it did, first time, was glad to pay for the code after the hassle t-mobile were giving me and not letting me have it from them

15/11/09 Jerry Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Freakin' AWESOME service!!!
Worked as easily as they said it would.
All things considered this is a low price to pay for stellar service.

14/11/09 David Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Perfect got the code with 2 hours. Had a problem and they resloved it. Thanks again

11/11/09 Charles gomes Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Excellent! I'm in Qatar it took around 1hr to receive my code. Works with Qtel prepaid sims. Thank you Guys awesome.

11/11/09 Lance ah rivera Unlocking HTC Magic

Ive ordered 4 unlock codes from this site to date..... Ive had them delivered anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 hours. This is the only site I go to for unlock codes now. Always satisfied with my transactions, never had a bad code. I will continue to buy codes from this site and I definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to unlock their phones.

08/11/09 Gonzalo frexas Unlocking HTC Magic

Perfecto, decian 12 horas de espera pero en menos de 30minutos han liberado el codigo y por supuesto ha funcionado correctamente.

05/11/09 Stian monstad Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Great service! Received my code in 15 minutes and unlocked the phone in 2 minutes! Thanks!

03/11/09 Guillaume Unlocking HTC Magic

Très rapide. J'ai eu le code sous 2 heures.
Merci pour votre reactivite

03/11/09 Randall chavarria h Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Excellent process!! just put the code and have a signal!!

03/11/09 krypton33 Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Submitted my imei and got the code in about 1h. Used the code and ith worked perfectly! Great site, great service and safe to use with paypal! No worries! :)

02/11/09 John Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Second time using the service. Only took a few hours to get the code and everything went smoothly.

02/11/09 Alan Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Received the code in a little over an hour. Entered it and unlocked my phone immediately! Excellent service that works and the lowest priced that I found too! Would definitely recommend!

01/11/09 Dirat Unlocking HTC Magic

Great guys, i didnt believe about this but i tried it, and it worked, 12 hours to wait but it's worth the wait.

01/11/09 Paul Unlocking T-Mobile G1

VERY EASY TO DO!!!! Once I had unlock code it took me 5 minutes to have everything up and running on AT&T. Saved me about $200 on a new phone. THANKS!!!

29/10/09 Bjorn Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Worked great for my UK G1 phone! Be aware it takes about 12 hours to get the code.

28/10/09 Alex Unlocking HTC Dream

This is HTC Dream Movistar. Everything correct but it took several hours to receive the code.

27/10/09 Juan c Unlocking HTC Magic

Excelent, worked prefectly. I'm in Colombia,
and I had no problem.

25/10/09 Kevin Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Thanks for the unlock code - the process was easy and fast. I love my new G1 so much, I'm writing this testimonial from it!

23/10/09 Adriano thomaz Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It'd worked. Thank you.

22/10/09 Terry Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Well that was eaasy, now I'm writting this testimonial from my phone. Switch from t-mobile to ATT, with out a problem

20/10/09 Rosemary Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It was GREAT... I was kind of worried I had seen how long some phones take to get the code and the word scam always comes to mind. but I read the reviews and decieded to give it a try! IT WAS FAST AND EASY it took about 10 min to get the code and I was up and running I RECOMMEND TO ANYONE

20/10/09 Emmanuel sarpong Unlocking T-Mobile G1

VOILA! Good job. It is unlocked. Very pleased.

19/10/09 Travis Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Really fast and easy! Ordered my code around 4AM on a Sunday and got it around 12 noon same day! Talk about excellent service! This isn't a scam - real deal! T-Mobile G1 working flawlessly on AT&T. I will strongly recommend this service to anyone.

18/10/09 Nishantha pelendage Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Excellent, I unlocked my G1

17/10/09 Ahmed Unlocking T-Mobile G1

There is no doubt that its the fasts service i ever get on the web.
fantastic service . i got unlock code within 2 hours time and it works perfect. thanx. guys

16/10/09 Bruno araujo Unlocking HTC Magic

It really works. i'm from Brazil and all my phones i unlock here.

15/10/09 Leigh salmon Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Had to wait over 8 hours, but the code worked fine

15/10/09 Octavio Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It´s so easy! I´m from Argentina and it works like a charm!
Thanks a lot.

14/10/09 James Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Piece of cake, but if you're already set up, don't try to go through the whole fresh-from-the box install -- just put a blocked SIM card in, enter your code, and you're done.


12/10/09 Chris wilson Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I sent in my request for a unlcok code, it took a while because i sent it in on a Sunday night but i got it in the morning and it worked

11/10/09 Olman garcia Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Wow this is really GOOD, got my G1 unlocked in less than a few hours. Don't hasitate on any other website this one is GREAT.:)

09/10/09 Raul Unlocking HTC Dream

I worked fine! Thanx!!!

08/10/09 Marco Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Perfect. Professional and very fast. High level help desk support. Suggested merchant.

07/10/09 Charleston Kid Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Ordered....got code in about 2 hrs.....entered it in......unlocked!!!!!!
thanks so much.....called tmobile and they wouldnt give it to me...dicks
thank god for this site

07/10/09 Ali Pracha Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Great service! I got my unlock code in less than half an hour. It worked without a hitch!

06/10/09 Andrew adger Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Third time I've used your service, on different G1's each time. Worked perfectly (as usual), and even more impressed with the speed I got the code this time - about an hour from placing the order. Thanks again! :-)

02/10/09 Johnny moricette Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Excellent service, took very little time and code worked perfectly

01/10/09 Jean-lambert Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Its works!! Plus I received the unlock code within the 30 minutes following the payment!! Great job to the team! Do not hesitate!

30/09/09 Nelson abuajah Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Damn this works!!!!!! perfectly i got my code in under 3 hours this site is the site to go too.

30/09/09 Roger Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Thanks for the code i unlocked my phone an i am able to used my phone but if your with t-mobile you can request a code and its free.

29/09/09 Timm. Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Omg thanks/.
i was so scared at first .. i thought it wasnt gonna send me the code and keep my money. but when i woke up the next morning there was an email and the code. i was so reliefed,. =] the 24 bucks is certainly worth it,

28/09/09 Marius Romania Unlocking T-Mobile G1

A durat cam 30 de minute de la plata pana la primirea codului! A mers din prima... 70RON e cam mult dar... asta e! Pretul e corect

28/09/09 Andrew Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Brilliant, I was skeptical but i got the code within 30 minutes (Not bad considering it said within 24 hours :D ), After being told it would be 28 days from T-Mobile =), VERY Happy with the service!

28/09/09 Truong Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Successful at the first try and work like a charm!! Fast in calculating unlock code, just few hours after order was submitted.

27/09/09 Javier Unlocking HTC Magic

Everything worked perfect! Got my code in about 7 hours (on Sunday) and now is fully working. Recommended!

24/09/09 Esteban ortiz Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It took a little than expected to get the code . . . but it works without issues!

23/09/09 Hugo Unlocking T-Mobile G1

It was very easy, and very quickly!

Thank you!

23/09/09 Daniel gallacher Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Worked Perfectly :D Arrived quickly!

21/09/09 David jerez Unlocking HTC Dream

All OK, quick and easy

19/09/09 Artem Unlocking T-Mobile G1

My G1 unlocked! Thanks!

18/09/09 Mark Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I would use this service again, these guys are fantastic and very quick, easy service to use. many thanx

16/09/09 inet Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Just great, a couple of hours and the phone was unlocked.

16/09/09 Igor Danu Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Hey! its work!
Tnx Guys!

15/09/09 Akshay khullar Unlocking T-Mobile G1

This is the best thing ever....its as easy as counting 1-2-3. I got my unlock code within an hour, put in my phone and BAM!! my g1 is unlocked....hats of to unlock-googlephone.com

14/09/09 Reba jordan Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Code worked great and took just under 4 hours. I tried 2 other sites before finding this one and one took almost 24 hours to tell me they couldn't provide a code. The other just took my money and never sent an e-mail. Long story short, this is THE SITE to use and I will definitely purchase again! I guess what they say is true, 3rd time is a charm lol. Thx so much!

12/09/09 Sascha Unlocking T-Mobile G1

Thank you guys. great job. I ordered my code and after 6 h I had it already and set it up in 2 min. And it works :-)

12/09/09 polikeiji Unlocking T-Mobile G1

I waited the unlock code in only 10 minutes.
Thanks for your quick service :)

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